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Sales Approval for QuickBooks

FCC Accounting System for QuickBooks

Locking and Unlocking Sales Orders in QuickBooks

This specific feature targets customers with Sales Representatives or B2B solutions collecting Sales Orders. QuickBooks Online Advanced and QuickBooks Enterprise both allow access to Sales Representatives and allow a sales approval workflow, but in both cases this requires giving them access to QuickBooks, which is not always the ideal solution for licensing and security issues.

FCC Accounting System for QuickBooks allows you to automatically lock Sales Orders based on specific conditions, postponing their fulfillment until an authorized approver decides to unlock them.

Specific conditions that allows you to automatically lock/unlock orders go beyond the standard feature present in QuickBooks Enterprise, for example:

  • Automatically lock an order when the customer has a specific number of overdue documents, whereas QuickBooks allows you do do that only based on a "Customer Credit Limit" independently from the number of unpaid invoices
  • Assign an "Unlock Limit" to each Sales Representative or Area Manager, with a chain of approval based on amounts.

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